Australia and the Philippines enjoy a comprehensive partnership. Forged over 70 years ago, our relationship today is marked by shared interests and common perspectives.

We work with the Philippines, one of ASEAN’s founding members, to foster a culture of trust and cooperation in the region. A safe and secure region benefits all of us.

It is the personal links, however, which lie at the heart of our modern relationship.  Our close bonds stem from having around a quarter of a million people, born in the Philippines, who have become part of Australia’s diverse society, through migration and work.

Australia now ASEAN 2019, with its focus on youth, is an exciting opportunity to involve a new generation in our relationship in the Philippines.

The Philippines is a young nation, and with a median age of 24 and millennials making up a third of the population, Filipino youth describe themselves as confident, passionate and ambitious. They are focused on building their careers and following their dreams. They are innovators but are also keen to involve themselves in projects which support a social cause.

We have put together a program highlighting Australian creativity. It will showcase aspects of Australian culture that makes our society appealing to the next generation of Australians and Filipinos who will build on our close partnership. We commend it to you.

Ambassador to the Philippines, Steve Robinson
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