Greetings from Singapore!

Australia’s warm relationship with Singapore is one of our closest and most comprehensive. It’s based on long-standing people to people links, defence, education, political, trade, science and, as well as our two countries’ similar strategic outlooks. The 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence, and the 50th anniversary of Australia-Singapore diplomatic relations, were celebrated in 2015. To further strengthen this relationship in 2015, our countries signed a Joint Declaration on the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP) setting out a bold ten year plan to enhance our links and drive further integration of our economies.

The CSP established four key pillars around which our relationship would be strengthened: economic and trade, defence, science and innovation collaboration, and, people to people links. Since 2015, we’ve seen freer movement for business people between our countries; mutual recognition of more of our universities’ qualifications; major new opportunities for the Singapore armed forces to train in Australia; new cyber and counter-terrorism cooperation; new innovation partnerships; fresh opportunities for our youth to study together and to work in each other’s countries. Science and innovation was a particular focus for us in 2018, with the inaugural Good Science = Great Business 2018: An Australian Festival of Innovation in Singapore and ASEAN to promote Australia’s science and research capability and investment opportunities in Singapore and in the region.

Australia now 2019, with a focus on ASEAN and youth, provides further opportunities for Australia to strengthen our already warm relationship with Singapore. We have an exciting program of events in store for Singapore and look forward to promoting youth capabilities through cultural exchanges, education and business related events.

High Commissioner to Singapore, Bruce Gosper
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